Fitting Out The Copeland Distillery

Where Ireland and Scotland (almost) meet…

Copeland Distillery brand

The stunning new Copeland Distillery is now open!

Located in Northern Ireland’s best-kept-secret historic town of Donaghadee, County Down, the distillery is now open and thriving.

The new Copeland gin HQ is located opposite The Copeland Islands, which were once a main smuggling ground between Ireland and Scotland.

The Copeland Distillery construction site in Donaghdee
The construction site of the new distillery in Donaghdee

The new location in Donaghadee had previously been an old cinema in the 1900s and more recently a community center. It was nearly derelict, but the team at Copeland saw it’s potential as the perfect blank slate to design and build their new distillery.

Copeland Distillery, before and after construction of new facility
Construction begins at the new site

Where do we fit in?

The team at consisted of project managers, designers, joiners, painters and a full workshop squad to fit out the distillery. The first step was to design, make and fit the bespoke Copeland branded doors.

Copeland Distillery's new Helaform sliding doors
Aren’t they swish?

The sliding door system features a rare metal frame, advanced MDF to withstand any weather and finished with the beautiful Copeland logo.

The Main Event

Copeland Distillery interior

The space being completely open and empty allowed for maximum creativity when planning this reception and bar area.

The bar structure itself was tackled first. An I-beam concrete laminate base with a solid 50mm grey oak top and copper accents provided a solid and durable foundation for the rest of the space.

Copeland Distillery interor fit out detail

Installed behind the bar are custom-made metal shelving units with integrated LED lighting. The best Irish gin deserves the best Irish shelving!

We finished off the brewery reception area with hardwood tables and chairs, copper layers and high-quality accessories to give it an authentic, rustic feel.

The reimagined space had taken shape. So what next?

The Finishing Touches

Copeland Distillery hand made burnt effect bar
Handmade burnt wood bar stand to display a contrived patina

The project is still ongoing, and we are currently repurposing an old horsebox for the Copeland team to take on the road, Point of Sale display units for local bars to sell Copeland Gin, and a cask wall for the distillery.

Keep up to date with us on Instagram for more behind the scenes action of this project.

If all of this talk of gin has got you hankering to try it, you can book a tour of the beautiful distillery for only £12.50 per person which includes spirit samples, become one of the 125 and receive your own cask of whiskey in 5-10 years time or simply try out some of the gin for yourself.

Book your tour on the Copeland Distillery website…

Thanks for reading!

Images of the Copeland Distillery branded sliding door, it's Irish gin and their copper stills


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